Anvikshiki is essential for any kind of foundation, be it science or economics.

Sir, would it will be possible for you to do a piece on the changes that will happen because of widespread use of Artificial intelligence, which will happen in a few years.

Thank you

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I know scarcely anything about AI, but will try to read and think about it.

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The Whatsapp Knowledge Circle (...the Hindi word Chuk-kar sounds better I think!) is steeped in faith, the kind that abandons reason, logic and sensibility. I like the tibetan jogger anecdote! Too often we overlook how much hard work and thinking has gone into making things look easy, e g. the way you write and communicate. And as always we'd like the silver bullet solution and instant nirvana. Good thing there is the stock market or Dream11 to soak up or smash such desires. (or Whatsapp!)

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